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Old West Trio performs songs of the American Cowboy by combining the best of three voices, two guitars, and one bass. Expect to hear elements of the Sons of the Pioneers, Gene Autry, and more with a peppering of swing, yodeling, and lighthearted fun. Members of the group are Steve Johnson (lead guitar), Steve Ide (rhythm guitar), and Leslie Ide (bass).

"[What's Left of the West] is another of their highly enjoyable collections. Since enthusiasm is infectious, the Old West Trio is catching! " —Rick Huff, Bar-D Ranch

"I really liked your original music. 'Forgotten Trails' is a standout. It was really a pleasure to listen to an entire CD of original material." —Prof. Dave Bourne, Itinerant Saloon Piano Player

"Best toe tapping feel good music that is guaranteed to put anyone in a good mood!" —Melody L, Coloma, California

Old West Trio
Old West Trio
Old West Trio

"I just love your sound." —Rachel H, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

"Enjoyed listening to and meeting you. Loving the CDs!" —Jan A, Middleton, Idaho

"These guys make me want to hit the dusty trail and ride off into the setting sun. It's nice to know there is new Western music still being written. I like it." —Lone Prairie Rider