House Concerts, Campfires and more...

Campfire, Hungry Horse, MT
What is a House Concert?
Basically, it's a private (by invitation only) concert hosted by you in the intimacy of your home.
Isn't this just like having a party with live music?
Absolutely not. A party is about socializing where the music is secondary and usually in the background. A house concert is about the enjoyment of listening to live music up-close and personal, without audience chatter and disruptions. When you host a house concert, you control the guest list and the environment as opposed to public venues where some people are more interested in talking than listening to music. It's your own personal concert without the hassle of traveling to some crowded place only to get a bad or uncomfortable seat in front of somebody who thinks a loud whistle or scream in your ear shows more appreciation than your clapping does.
Do I need to provide amplification?
No. Most indoor concerts are completely acoustic because there aren't any competing sounds. Remember, it's your concert and you control the environment and the guest list. Outdoor concerts generally do require amplification because of the lack of reflective surfaces which aid in projecting sound. Either way, we'll determine if it's needed and provide our own if necessary.
What about hosting a campfire concert?
We can play at your campfire, too. This would also be a non-amplified, intimate setting, so all the guidelines of a house concert apply. If you won't be bothering the neighbors and don't live next to the speedway, then a campfire setting might be right for you.
Should I supply food and beverages? What about alcohol?
This is entirely up to the concert host, but usually water and/or soft drinks are provided. The liability and cost of serving alcohol is be best handled through the BYOB method, but again it's up to the concert host. Most performances are divided into two 45 minute segments with a 15 to 20 minute intermission to allow guests to visit with the performers, use the restroom, refill their drinks, etc. Snacks or treats, if offered by the host, are usually dispensed then also.
Can I ask for donations to pay for the band?
Of course, and we encourage you to do just that. Just explain to your invited guests beforehand that a donation (of a pre-determind amount per-person) would be appreciated and that the money goes to pay the musicians and help cover expenses, such as food and beverages. Usually, people are more than happy to contribute, and want to be invited again when you host another house concert.
I think I can do this! Where do I start?
There's not much to it. First, determine how many people your home can comfortably seat while allowing room for the band, typically 10 to 40 people. Larger audiences can be harder to manage and the concert tends to lose its intimacy. Second, contact us to obtain a date, time, and cost for your concert by completing the Request a Performance form or phone Steve at 530-919-4567 and we'll help you get the ball rolling. After setting a date and time for your concert or campfire, we'll send you an agreement that summarizes the requirements and specifics.